It’s been up on the site for a little while now, but I thought I’d properly introduce the revised version of DON’T READ ME.TXT. This is the first installment of an eight part series about a young woman named Lilith as she figures out who she is and how to survive in a metropolis that is both trying to eat her alive and utterly indifferent to her existence. So yes, this is a coming of age story, among other things. Firmly rooted in cyberpunk, it’s told from a first person perspective.

Some of you may have seen these stories before on my old site, so why the relaunch? Well, these are new versions of the stories as well as some that have never been seen before. A lot of work has gone into this series spanning several years and at a certain point I’d found myself stuck. Until a thought shook loose in my brain that cast the overarching narrative into a whole new light. Accommodating this new thought necessitated substantive rewrites to most of the stories – which is still ongoing. This new take on the series has also made previously unusable story concepts fit in very nicely and that means new stories will be written as well.

So without further ado, I’ll let Lilith introduce herself…

Read the story here.

The next installment will be posted on Sunday.