May 2016

A Jewish Response to Hydra-Cap

This week I thought I’d try something different. There’s been a big shake up in the Marvel Comics Universe this week, that while I wanted to write about it, I’m not super qualified to so Jonathan Fisher (aka TheJollyWriter) has… Continue Reading →

Resurrecting the Beast – DON’T READ ME.TXT: Part Four

Here lies the corpse of Lilith the Lame. She died as she lived; unwashed and pant-less, sitting in front of her screens regretting her life decisions. Alright, the new story is up! Check out Resurrecting the Beast. In this week’s installment,… Continue Reading →

Is it too late to give a shit?

The other day I stumbled across this article about a rather insidious function hidden within Apple Music, and out of concern I shared it with some friends who use the service. Their reaction to Apple searching and removing files from users computers… Continue Reading →


There was supposed to be a story up today, instead here is a picture of my cat Banksy, who we affectionately refer to as the screaming monster. (Yes, she always looks that disappointed with your life choices.) The reason for… Continue Reading →

The lies we tell ourselves

Last night I read the last third of The War of Art in which Steven Pressfield explains how creativity does not originate from within us, but is actually channeled through our subconscious, or pure selves, by some divine being or muse. This… Continue Reading →

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