July 2016

Lesser Evils and Only Hopes

Hello all! Today we have another guest post from the wonderful Jolly Writer. The GOP held their convention a few days ago. The results were predictable. Donald Trump, the human embodiment of a compost heap, glazed in spray-on-tan is the… Continue Reading →

Live from the future…

As a self-proclaimed cyberpunk, this is probably going to sound ridiculous saying out loud, but I don’t necessarily want to live in a cyberpunk future. I know, it’s strange stance to take for being so into the genre. The thing… Continue Reading →

Zoo City

I’m an all or nothing kind of reader. If after fifty pages a book doesn’t hook me, it gets put down and usually not picked up again for a long while, but if it hooks me I’ll read it cover… Continue Reading →

Thought Process

The other day I was going through my twitter notifications when I noticed that there were a few porn bots following me. This isn’t unusual. Every social media site has their share of porn bots, but it gets me thinking…. Continue Reading →

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