Hello all! Today we have another guest post from the wonderful Jolly Writer.

The GOP held their convention a few days ago. The results were predictable. Donald Trump, the human embodiment of a compost heap, glazed in spray-on-tan is the presidential nominee. His running mate, Pence, is even more bigoted than he is, and has a long history of using the Bible as a legislative document in attempts to blatantly counter gay issues – and health care for women – and bathroom safety for trans individuals.

But you know what? I’m not going to rant about them today. (Not if I can help it.) I want to talk about what happens next because this is the part of the story where “it all goes wrong and we have only one chance left to succeed.”

The only way to stop Trump now is by voting for Hillary Clinton. Plain and simple.

I’d like to make it clear, I’m not a fan of her. She is the human embodiment of Washington thinking. It’s all about the palace intrigue: she thinks she knows best for a country that she doesn’t comprehend. Her knowledge is solely based how to play the Beltway power game. On any other day, that’d bother me.

Here’s why I’m 900% okay voting for her right now:

1) She won’t legislate laws into existence that allow parents to have their children electrocuted to try and change their sexual orientation. It didn’t work in the 1880s, it doesn’t work in 2016. More importantly, it was wrong in the 1880s, and it’s even more archaic and asinine in 2016.

The GOP can laud this idea as feasible because they reduce honest and acceptable orientation to that of a disease to be cured. Homo-, bi-, and a-, and trans-sexual are not diseases that need to be cured. Treating them as such is fundamentally bullshit.

2) She won’t create databases to have all Muslims register into. The whole idea of a registry bothers me on an entirely different level. I’m Jewish. My ancestry is Jewish on both sides. Both sides of my family faced the consequences of the Holocaust, including a very rare few who survived the death camps.

Before Jews were segregated into ghettos in the 1930s, before they were exterminated, the Nazis forced every Jew to register themselves. And they wore yellow Stars of David so they could be identified in public. The fact that the Trump campaign can even suggest borrowing from the Nazi party is an okay thing to do is terrifying enough.

Thus, in this particular area, voting for Clinton is an absolute no-brainer to me. I will eagerly and willingly stand between any and all who wish to reduce a peaceful demographic to serial numbers. I can say they’re peaceful because since Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, to the Pulse shooting in Orlando in June, there have been 998 mass-shootings. Only TWO were committed by Muslims under the guise of terrorism.

You know what? I could literally go on for days, detailing the GOP’s many sins and vast plans and why Clinton is better in every quantifiable way, but I’m not going to. Firstly, because enough ink has been devoted to them and secondly, because it’s not the point here.

I loved the idea of a Bernie Sanders presidency. I was so excited, from minute one, of seeing him go into office. I could imagine genuine progress for our country under his presidency, but he’s unlikely to be the nominee. The super-delegates aren’t going to change their minds and that’s wrong. It’s heartbreaking.

Now we face a greater dilemma. There is an entire and enormously vocal group of the country that is trying to legislate the United States into an evangelical Christian-Whites-Only where their racism and bigotry are justified at every level of government, top to bottom. Our only recourse is voting for Hillary Clinton. There is no future where I won’t feel better having cast my vote for her in these circumstances.

Please. We are standing at a genuine precipice where there is a vocal part of the country that will elect the antagonists to a dystopian novel, and then we are all screwed.

Please vote for Clinton. It’s no longer about moral high ground or theological superiority. It’s about not electing people who will eagerly and actively hurt and segregate everyone who is not white and male and straight.

That’s what we’re facing.

Please vote for Hillary.