Hello friends! I have some very exciting news today! Over at 365tomorrows I am being featured for the month of August. The first of four stories when up today, titled “The Love of a Sister”. A new story will be going up every week, so make sure to check back.

For those of you who’ve never heard of 365tomorrows, it is a flash fiction site dedicated to bringing you a fresh story every day of the week. The idea is to provide stories that can be enjoyed during those brief in-between moments we all experience every day, like waiting in line for a coffee, or sitting on the metro, or waiting for an appointment. In 600 words or less, you will be transported into another world to meet new people and experience new things. Consider it a micro vacation from your hectic day-to-day.

As always, I hope you enjoy what I, and the other talented writers have contributed to the site. Have a wonderful evening!