If you’ve come here from Tumblr, you’ve probably noticed a distinct lack on your dash these days. It’s not your imagination, I’m really not on Tumblr anymore. My blog and its archive spanning back to 2008 has been taken offline. Despite the outcry that Tumblr as a platform is dead following the ban of adult content, I was not making immediate plans to leave the site behind. Instead, that decision was made for me in the form of Tumblr terminating my account without any kind of warning or explanation.

my dash rn

It was a shock, to say the least. I’ve spent the better part of five years carefully curating my little corner of cyberspace to suddenly have it just vanish, while I was in the middle of queueing up posts for the day, no less! So that’s the long and the short of why I’m not around anymore.

I don’t know the exact details of how it’s being enforced, but it seems clear to me that this is the result of the site-wide ban of “adult content” (such a vague term for porn). My blog is hardly the first SFW blog to suffer this fate and support is slow to remedy these errors. It’s been clear from the very outset of this ban that Tumblr is handling this the way they seem to handle every problem that crops up since the site changes hands to first time – poorly.

To clear things up for you, here is the only contact I have received so far – in response to my query regarding the termination of my account…

suuuuuper helpful