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Lesser Evils and Only Hopes

Hello all! Today we have another guest post from the wonderful Jolly Writer. The GOP held their convention a few days ago. The results were predictable. Donald Trump, the human embodiment of a compost heap, glazed in spray-on-tan is the… Continue Reading →

Live from the future…

As a self-proclaimed cyberpunk, this is probably going to sound ridiculous saying out loud, but I don’t necessarily want to live in a cyberpunk future. I know, it’s strange stance to take for being so into the genre. The thing… Continue Reading →

Zoo City

I’m an all or nothing kind of reader. If after fifty pages a book doesn’t hook me, it gets put down and usually not picked up again for a long while, but if it hooks me I’ll read it cover… Continue Reading →

Thought Process

The other day I was going through my twitter notifications when I noticed that there were a few porn bots following me. This isn’t unusual. Every social media site has their share of porn bots, but it gets me thinking…. Continue Reading →

Nowhere is private

Earlier today I came across this article about a ruling a Virginia judge made regarding whether or not any one using a personal computer that’s hooked up to the net has any reasonable expectation of privacy. To clarify, the judge does… Continue Reading →

Tokyo Ghost

Dude. Tokyo Ghost. You gotta read it! This morning I finished reading volume 1, which collects the first five issues and let me tell you, I am in love. That’s not entirely unexpected. There’s a lot to love about Tokyo… Continue Reading →

Why hasn’t the world ended yet?

I’m being serious. Why hasn’t the world ended? We as a species are phenomenally good at creating technology that can end life as we know it. And I’m not just talking about nuclear armaments or weapons of mass destruction. There… Continue Reading →

Mourning Ascension – DON’T READ ME.TXT: Part Five

Check it out! Part five of the riveting cyberpunk coming of age story DON’T READ ME.TXT is now live! This is exciting! In Morning Ascension, Lilith is startled to realize that a full year has passed since her mysterious roommate Oz… Continue Reading →

A Jewish Response to Hydra-Cap

This week I thought I’d try something different. There’s been a big shake up in the Marvel Comics Universe this week, that while I wanted to write about it, I’m not super qualified to so Jonathan Fisher (aka TheJollyWriter) has… Continue Reading →

Resurrecting the Beast – DON’T READ ME.TXT: Part Four

Here lies the corpse of Lilith the Lame. She died as she lived; unwashed and pant-less, sitting in front of her screens regretting her life decisions. Alright, the new story is up! Check out Resurrecting the Beast. In this week’s installment,… Continue Reading →

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