Words are my bread and butter. If you want to see me where I live, look no further than the selection of works listed below, spanning the years during and after completing my undergrad degree.


There have been many projects over the years, that I have poured my energy into. Many of them are too long, or too incomplete to share in this format. Nevertheless, I’ve learned and honed my craft through the process with each piece I worked on, and there’s a lot that I remain proud of. So think of this as a taster menu of what I have to offer creatively and craft-wise.

Flash Fiction

For those unfamiliar with the format, flash fiction are complete stories contained in a limited word count — in this case, 600 words or less. In 2016, I began writing for 365tomorrows.com, a website dedicated to providing readers with daily micro doses of genre fiction. What follows is my catalog of stories. You can also still find them where they were originally published.

Don’t Read Me.txt

This series is ongoing labour of love. Told in the first person point of view these stories follow the protagonist, Lilith, as she tries to unravel the cascade of consequences her crazy roommate set off when he disappeared. Each story chronicles a moment where her association with Johnny Osiris makes her life particularly difficult. Told in nine parts. You can read the first story here, or view the landing page here.