There have been many projects over the years, that I have poured my energy into. Many of them are too long, or too incomplete to share in this format. Nevertheless, I’ve learned and honed my craft through the process with each piece I worked on, and there’s a lot that I remain proud of. So think of this as a taster menu of what I have to offer creatively and craft-wise.


This is the segment of a project to tell the narrative of a location through fragments of primary and secondary sources that expound on its history and transformation over the decades. It’s an experiment on combining creative writing with other types of writing I trained in during my undergrad.


I debated posting this because fanfiction is a guilty pleasure of mine, and also considered by many to not be a legitimate form of creative writing. Obviously, I disagree with this opinion. I wrote this on a lark one night with no real intention of going anywhere with it, but I really enjoyed how it turned out. It’s set in the Captain America (MCU) fandom.

Same Kind of Monster

This might seem familiar, as I’ve already posted it, minus some small tweaks. It’s an excerpt from a novel I had briefly been working on, and I particularly like this interaction between the two characters.